About: Supremeja Music
Supremeja Music is a Electro Label based on the Supremeja Electro Network. This is a free Community for Producers, Artists, DJ's and Sound Designer. In 2014 we started Supremeja Music with tons of awesome ideas and productions.

Please feel free and follow us on our Blog or Social Networks. Keep Electro alive.
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Systemattic (DJ, Producer, Event Promoter)

One of the most talented Producers i know.
He is the Frontman for the US Division

- A&R Management
- Remixes / Productions
- Event Management

DJ Systemattic on Soundcloud

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Supremeja (Producer, Sound Designer)

He is the Founder of Supremeja Music, a Sound Design Maniac and the Master for digital Releases and Distribution.

- A&R Management
- Remixes and Productions
- Sound Design

Supremeja on Soundcloud

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